Susan has been a real asset to my business. She has provided me with a wonderful web site at a very reasonable cost. It has gathered much praise from my patients and colleagues.

Susan has created many ads for me for various publications, all of which have been very pleasing aesthetically. I have had my letterhead, envelopes, thank you cards, business cards and more designed by Susan, to match my branding theme.

I think she has done a wonderful job. She is quick to deliver services and communicates well. She is able to adapt to changes after consultations on her copy preview. I would highly recommend her work.

Westmount Dental Care

Expert Montreal has helped us to launch our orthodontic practice with modern and innovative designs for our website, business cards and other documents.

Basil and Susie always take the time to work with us to create unique designs that stand out. They are prompt, professional, flexible and provide excellent value for their services.

Archambault & Morton Orthodontics

Susie worked with me to create a corporate website along with supportive marketing material for my company. She was able to take the ideas and concepts I had envisioned and translate them into concrete images and format.

I found her to be extremely professional, accessible, creative and committed to the project with exceptional follow up. I highly recommend her services.

Consolante Recruitment

ExpertMontreal helped us to take our new café to the next level with a beautiful website, menus, promotional materials and business cards.

They are reliable and have continually been able to meet our demanding requests in a professional, creative and timely manner.

I recommend them with the utmost confidence!


As a busy professional, I always have hundreds of projects that I am juggling simultaneously.  Sometimes, though, I am so busy doing everything that is urgent, that I never have time to get around to some of the really important projects and ideas that I've had on the backburner for years: Too much work, not enough time.

That's where ExpertMontreal comes in. They understand the reality of busy professionals; that despite our best intentions, we just don't have time. 

Their values reflect ours: exacting standards, dedication to excellence and professionalism, responsiveness, and an ability to build long term partnerships with their clients.  They effortlessly take my ideas and make them into a creative reality - executed much better than I could have ever done myself!  In fact, they are so good at what they do, that we consider them an integral part of our team.

Their real genius is to capture the essence of our services and our clients' needs, and project them in a way that really makes us shine. Thanks for making us look good ... and making our lives easier!

Sabongui Organizational Solutions

I wanted a website to be able to offer a complete portrait of the services I offer. I also wanted to be able to use it as a promotional vehicle.

I have a colleague whose site was built by you. I thought it was clean, professional-looking, efficient, and logically laid out. I also visited a number of other sites designed by you and was equally impressed.

I expected exactly what I received – a professionally- designed high quality website. Great Job.

Basil and Susie could not have been more accommodating both at our initial meeting and in every exchange since. You can count on them to greet you with a smile and a good cup of coffee.

Based on my initial description of what I expected, Susie presented me with several interesting choices of designs from which I was able to select the one I preferred. I also was offered a flexible payment schedule spread over 12 months.


Our first web page was from a template and needed an update. ExpertMontreal worked with my input to create a custom layout that looks visually compelling and conveys a professional image to prospective customers.   

I finally have a web page I feel good about showing – and the business benefits are starting to roll in.

MTNS Solutions

I am extremely happy with the services of Expert Montreal. I choose them to help me redesign a website with a modern design and look. They delivered on all aspects!

They were efficient, got the site up and running when they promised and were quick to get back to me and address any questions I had, as well as make any changes I requested. They even suggested ways I could save some costs on the design!

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a web designer.

Montreal Therapy & Psychological Wellness Centre

I was referred to ExpertMontreal from a colleague who was thoroughly satisfied with your services.  I was looking to create a website, but was pleased to find out that you would also be able to create the general logo, look and feel for all my future stationary, business cards, etc - in general the complete package all from the same provider.

I expected to have good service, good product and at a fair price.  However, all of these expectations have been met and more frequently surpassed.  I have never been even slightly dissatisfied with any product or process from your company. 

It is an extremely comfortable and positive experience working with you.  You have a great talent in that you can take a small idea or image the client has in their heads, see it, duplicate it but take it far beyond their capabilities to produce a very attractive final product that often exceeds the original expectation.  I have great confidence in your abilities and after working together for a time period, I find I need to explain less and less what I am looking for as you have taken the time to get to know me as a professional and as a person thus you are able to replicate this in your product. Also, you have great customer service.  You work in a very timely fashion and are often ready at the next step before the client is! (in a good way).  You are extremely reliable even with last minute projects. 

I have a beautiful website that truly reflects the image of my clinic and gives patients a real sense of what we are about and how they can expect to be treated. 

This message has carried over to my business cards, stationary, journal announcements, recall cards and thank you cards for patients.  When I need anything done, I always turn to ExpertMontreal because I know I will always be pleased with the final product.  I even have Susie do designs for newspaper ads when the graphic design is included in the cost of the advertisement as I know her work will really help me stand out.  The extra effort and small details that you place into the final project ensure that all final products are of the highest quality which then reflects positively on us to our patients.

I have been extremely satisfied working with both you and Basil.  I do not have one single complaint!  I hope to refer you even more clients in the future as I am confident they will be satisfied.  I find you work to be eye catching yet classy, detailed yet subtle and truly of the highest quality.  I consider myself lucky to have found you as all the ideas we created together have become the basis of our "branding" in everything we do.  The colours and the look and our logo really fit well with myself as a professional, a care giver and accurately express to patients the idea of what their experience will be like at our clinic.

Soins Dentaires Prévost